Track your event-going history and collect Kandi while you do!

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Keep a rave resume'

Check in to any rave events you attend, but be quick - once it's over it's gone!

Track memories

Take a picture, add a note about your events, and share them with friends.

Collect Kandi

Everytime you check in, you get a piece of Kandi for that event for your profile

Does your favorite artists really know that

you're their #1 fan?

With Plursty's event tracking, we know and rank which fans have gone to more shows of their favorite artists!

The best part is that the artists can recognize their top fans and launch giveaways or other rewards.

It's super simple

  1. Step 1

    When you attend an event, just pull out your phone and do a search to see if Kandi is available

  2. Step 2

    Check-in, add a picture and note for your memories and collect your Kandi

  3. Step 3

    Share it with friends if you'd like or just keep be on your way!

How much can you collect?

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